THE DEFT TOUCH METHOD “Understanding the WHY”

THE DEFT TOUCH METHOD TRAINING PROGRAM (referred to as DTM) is designed so the individual athlete can develop the fundamental techniques, tactics, physical and psychological attributes needed to perform both confidently and consistently. The DTM takes the approach that an individual must develop a relationship with the ball in order to fully develop their game, while using our philosophy of “Understanding the WHY” to know when to apply the technique and translate it into a skill. This will be achieved by designing every session to be relatable to a real match soccer action with the three phases of speed in mind. Taught in a two step technique and skill with progressive pressure.

Group Attention What You Need?

Deft Touch Soccer Center Small Group Training Instructors offer Group training sessions for 4-9 players. DTSC groups can be built by you and your friends or the Deft Touch Staff. Players will be grouped based on their age and ability.  In a group setting we can train aspect soccer that cannot be trained in an individual session. Our soccer training staff is well qualified to train each player for guaranteed results and all of our trainers are seasoned professionals and will challenge you to meet your goals no matter your level of play.


Cost: (Sessions 1 hour)
$40 Per Player Coach Trey Scharlin
$30 Per Player Deft Touch Staff Trainer 


Why hire a Deft Touch Soccer Center trainer?

Technical Knowledge:

The Deft Touch trainers have the experience, education, passion and know how to help push you to the next level.


We understand that everyone is unique and requires a program that works on the need of the individual.


At DTSC we know how to keep you motivated and focuses on your individual goals while continuing to grow your love for the game.


Your time is valuable and we want help you make the most of every minute of your session by providing you with a time efficient and effective training program.


DTSC coaches are professional and committed to our clients and helping everyone achieve the highest level of success by improving your game and passion.