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The Only Computer-Based Cognitive Training Program Proven to Improve Performance

Available @ Deft Touch Soccer Center.



On-Field Benefits

  • Read the game faster and react to plays quicker

  • Improved off-ball movement

  • Better and more accurate passing

  • Improved positioning and communication


Cognitive Benefits (Soccer iQ)

  • Improved decision-making under pressure

  • Sharpened focus and improved situational awareness

  • Increased anticipation and faster reaction time

  • Better divided attention and working memory


How it works:

  • ·        Two 30 minute computer based training sessions a week @ The SiQ LAB
  • ·        Monitored training and performance tracking
  • ·        Match performance tracking
  • ·        Customized on field training based on data gathered from program
  • ·        3 month minimum commitment for best results

Each session is designed to strengthen the core cognitive skills that contribute to soccer intelligence using training exercises that put the brain into a state of High Cognitive Load, which creates new neural connections and strengthens them over time. Emphasis Change Training ensures the training adds variability over time while achieving the repetition required to see results.

Program Details:  $50 per month 

3 month minimum commitment for ideal results.  (Largest increase in cognitive understanding with SiQ program found in ages 10 – 20 years)
  • Membership to IntelliGym® Cognitive training software and program
  • Two 30 minutes a week computer training sessions at The SiQ LAB @ Deft Touch Soccer Center
  • Match performance tracking and program comparison with IntelliGym®/Deft Touch Soccer Center Analysis Form.  (Exclusive to Deft Touch SiQ Athletes)
  • Deft Touch SC tailored individual and small group on field sessions based on information provided by program data
  • Team Coach questionnaire and pre-program analysis
  • Compare d results on the Online Leader board


The Science and Technology


VU Amsterdam Research Study of AZ Alkmaar and PSV Eindhoven Verifies IntelliGym Training Results

Elite Dutch Soccer Academies Improve Skill Development with the Soccer IntelliGym

The Soccer IntelliGym® training program was awarded research funding from the European Union’s Disruptive Innovation Fund (part of the Horizon 2020 program). Following the award, a thorough study was conducted by VU Amsterdam, reviewing the training efficacy of the IntelliGym® on actual soccer performance. The study included players from two elite soccer academies, PSV Eindhoven and AZ Alkmaar, both playing in the top league in the Netherlands and well-known for being “feeder clubs” because of their incredible youth academies.

The research was led by Prof. Geert Savelsbergh, the head of the Motor Control group at MOVE and the Desmond Tutu chair for Youth, Sport and Reconciliation. The study was the first of its kind, measuring transfer of skills from a training environment to on-field soccer performance. The on-field soccer performance of the participants was measured before and after the intervention. In particular, the researchers measured actual decision making quality during soccer activity.

The Results

After analysis of the footage, the results were clear: the study showed that the IntelliGym-trained group showed significant performance improvement over the control group. Individually, the IntelliGym-trained players improved their ranking significantly in all score categories compared to control group players. the overall on-field performance of the IntelliGym group was 27 percent higher than the improvement of the group who only watched video clips.

The IntelliGym trains cognitive skills including anticipation, divided attention, peripheral awareness, working memory, and task switching. Improving these skills translates to improvements in movements with the ball, off-ball movements, transitions, defense, and positioning, as verified by the VU Amsterdam study.

How to Develop Soccer Intelligence


How to Develop Soccer Intelligence