The Academy

Jonathan Bornstein Deft Touch Soccer Academy’s mission is to set academy members aside from the average player, giving them the opportunity to achieve the highest levels of play possible for their age group.


The curriculum is divided into skill sets of training based on the JBDTSA Competitive Triangle of Player Development (see above). At the end of each technical cycle a test will be given to Academy members to assess their progress and promotion to the next phase and level of training. Academy members will be expected to perform the skills being taught at game speed and under pressure. (Members may be advanced an age group or placed down an age group to maintain their ability to achieve higher level of success and confidence)

Academy members will be selected through an evaluation process and placed in groups of 6 to 8 players of equal skill level. Each group will train once a week for an hour and a half. Other weekly opportunities to play will be offered to Academy members as well.

Academy sessions are offered to field players and a specialized Goalkeeper Academy.

Age Groups for the Academy are:

4 to 6 years

7 to 9 years

10 to 17 years

(College Level prep camps will be offered in the summer check back for more details)

The sessions are offered three times a week.  10- 17years training 4:00 to 5:20pm Mon/Wed/Thurs  4-6 years Fri 4:00-5:00 Sat/Sun 9:00 to 10:00am (each age and level day depends on the class size and skill level)

The Academy programs emphasize the needs of the complete player. These programs will include technical training, strength and conditioning, tactical awareness and proper nutrition. The training programs are specific to the need of each player thru individual and small group training concepts to push the player to their highest potential while maintaining their passion a joy for the sport. Careful emphasis will be placed on not burning players out and increasing their love for soccer.

DTSC Academy members will be given a training kit to set them aside from other trainings and players at Deft Touch Soccer Center.

10yrs-17yrs Cost: $150.00 per month. (month to month due on the 1st of every month)  Sibling discounts available.

4yrs-9yrs Cost: $125.00 per month. (month to month due on the 1st of every month)  Sibling discounts available.

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