Why Your Child Should Enroll In the Deft Touch Soccer Academy

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The goal of the Deft Touch Soccer Academy is to create players who are several steps above others in their age group. There are two age groups for the academy: 5-8 yrs and 9-12 yrs.

Whether your child is an experienced player or is brand new to the game, we believe our program will strongly benefit them. The program mixes individualized and group training. We both work with children individually and within group settings to work on their personal skills and teach them how to thrive in a team-like environment.

The program focuses on technical skills. The skills of passing, dribbling, ball control, defending, and shooting accuracy are the fundamentals any great player needs. When your child enters our program, we will diagnose your child’s weaknesses, augment their strengths, and help them master the fundamentals.

The program will boost your child’s confidence on and off the field. A sport like soccer can do wonders to boost your child’s sense of self worth. The program also helps children create friendships with other children in their age group. The Deft Touch Soccer Academy can be an outstanding experience for any child. To learn more about the program, contact us today.