What Is the SiQ Cognitive Training Program?

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To become a great player, you need an edge. Players will attend classes, watch videos, and spend hours of time in study, hoping to make leaps in their skill level. 

The SiQ Cognitive Training is unlike anything other training regimen on the market, and it will help you wildly improve your game. 

It’s a computer program that’s designed to improve your cognitive skills on the field. Soccer is arguably as much of a cerebral game as it is a physical one. The way you process the game, react to plays, move off ball, make passes, and secure positioning will be improved by following this program. 

As a subscriber to the program, you’ll have access to IntelliGym Cognitive training software & program, two 30-minute sessions per week at the SiQ Lab within the Deft Touch Soccer Center, the ability to match performance tracking with the IntelliGym Analysis Form, and more. 

This regimen is the only computer program that’s proven to improve core cognitive skills. This will lead to better decision making while under pressure, high game IQ, faster reaction times, and a more focused approach to the game. With each session, the brain is put into a state of High Cognitive Load, which creates new neural connections. The result is an improved player who is able to quickly process and react to different situations in the game. 

Are you looking to take your game to a level you never thought possible? Learn more about the SiQ training program