Tips on Improving At Soccer

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While soccer is definitely a team sport, your training should be focused on you. To be ready for game time, there are certain drills and techniques you can execute by yourself.

Get a wall, friend, or teammate and practice the basics. Soccer hinges on 3 main skills: shooting, passing, dribbling. Practicing those three skills will help you feel more comfortable during real-life games. You will want to practice properly connecting the ball with your foot. Don’t merely rely on your strong foot, use your weak one to become a balanced player. Many players merely focus on shooting, but by practicing these skills, you’ll become a better passer, defender, and overall player.

Focus on the fundamentals. There are thousands of drills you can try. Many of them are unnecessary. It’ll be wise to focus on your weak points and improve by mastering the basics. Fancy drills may look cool, but it doesn’t mean you’re making real progress when you do them. Use pick up games to rapidly improve. Put your skills to the test against competition.

At Deft Touch, we run regular pick up games where you can play against other players. Whether you’re a child or adult, for only $5 you can improve your skills and interact with other players. Deft Touch Soccer Center will do everything it takes to help you break through plateaus and reach a new level.

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