5 Benefits of Indoor Soccer Pick Up Games

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Pick up games are a great way to both have fun and improve your skills. At Deft Touch Soccer, we host a number of indoor pick up games weekly. Indoor pick up games have a number of benefits.

1. Climate Control When you play outside, you’re subject to the weather. When you play indoors, the temperature is set to the ideal level for soccer play. This way, you can focus on playing the game instead of worrying about the wind, rain or snow.

2. Entertainment Because of the size and nature of the soccer field, indoor games have exciting end-to-end action with a high volume of scoring opportunities. The field is much smaller, and the ball moves down the field faster, making an entertaining game of movement and positioning.

3. Individual Plays Because of the confined size of the field, players are forced to constantly attack or defend 1v1. When players are placed in this environment, they increase their creativity and awareness, which will later transfer when they play outdoors.

4. Inclusiveness The nature of indoor soccer games encourage participants of various sizes and skill levels to participate. This creates an inclusive environment of teamwork and camaraderie. New friendships commonly develop on our indoor soccer fields.

5. Fitness When you play indoor soccer games, you’re constantly moving up and down the field. This is an intense, fulfilling cardio workout, and it’s one that will improve your speed, leg strength, conditioning, and endurance. Deft Touch Indoor Soccer hosts fun pick up games for players of all ages. Click here to learn more.