Who we are

Deft Touch Soccer Centers Los Alamitos is state of art soccer training facilities designed to assist in development of tomorrow’s soccer stars. The Directors of DTSC have created a unique atmosphere with programs dedicated to meet the needs of players ranging the 1st year player to the elite athlete. These programs are based on Directors’ vast years of coaching and the playing experience. DTSC programs include Jonathan Bornstein Deft Touch Soccer Academy, individual/group/team training, strength, conditioning, and the youth/adult pick-up games. Our hope that through our facility, members' enjoyment and appreciation for soccer, their overall lifestyle will enhanced.

What we do

Deft Touch Soccer Center Training Programs (Soccer Specific Training)

  • Individual specialized training (field player and goalkeeper)
  • Small group specialized training (field player and goalkeeper)
  • Deft Touch IGNITE comprehensive soccer training program 
  • Jonathan Bornstein Deft Touch Soccer Academy
  • These services are needed due to the increase of early specialization of young athletes in one sport. If players are going to compete at a competitive level additional specialized training is required.

Pick-up Games (small-sided 4v4 and 5v5) Youth and Adults.  All Games are Co-ed.

  • Youth Ages 5-16 years
  • Adult open, Adult over 30, over 40, etc... competitive and recreational Levels
  • Co-ed
  • Tournaments youth and adult
  • Academy leagues (experimental and select teams)

Additional Training Programs Offered at Deft Touch Soccer Center

PAR Performance CRUX & PREP Strength and Conditioning Personal Fitness programs

  • Weight training programs
  • Core strengthening programs
  • Coordination, speed and agility programs
  • Injury prevention programs

•These services are needed due to the increased demand for quality year round facilities to play in smaller amount of participants needed for each team (increasing playing time for each player) and the increasing growth in popularity of soccer the United States.